Doubled Sales in 3 Months, While Saving Wasted Ad Spend

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LayerFive - BILLY Footwear- GDPR and CCPA Compliant


BILLY Footwear is an ecommerce specialty shoe retailer that sells direct-to-consumer through their Shopify website, and through partners e.g. Zappos, Nordstrom and others around the world.


  • Improving Ad Performance: The ad platform BILLY Footwear was using was reporting 11X return from social channels and BILLY was using this reporting to determine ad spend on one social channel. But BILLY wasn’t getting the insights to see if the increased ad dollars are truly bringing incremental customers. Moreover, there wasn’t a defined strategy to tweak per channel budget to get the best ROI from each channel.
  • Knowing The Consumers: Little visibility into the consumers’ journey. Consumers data and interactions were scattered in Shopify, Klaviyo, Yotpo and other platforms with incomplete insights from each platform.  BILLY wanted to have better understanding of their consumer base and use that to inform their business and advertising decisions. Moreover, Google Analytics provided basic traffic insights but didn’t really connect all the dots about the website visitors.
  • Maintaining Consumer Trust: BILLY Footwear is a customer first company. Ensuring that they are transparent with their customers when it came to data privacy is very important to them.

LayerFive Solution:

  • Tag Implementation: BILLY had LayerFive first-party tag implemented within minutes and the LayerFive Marketing 360 platform in under two weeks. 
  • 360° Unified Consumer Profile: BILLY uses various platforms for email marketing, loyalty management, customer reviews etc.  As part of the implementation, LayerFive integrated with these platforms and resolved consumer identities across these platforms along with the online identities to build a private identity graph and a unified consumer profile for BILLY.
  • Privacy Portal Implementation: We also implemented LayerFive Interactive Privacy Portal to make self-serve consumer privacy profile available on


  • Rebalancing of Ad Budget with Clear Insight into the Advertising Performance:  LayerFive found that BILLY’s ad spend was actually generating close to 1X return rather than 11X return that their existing ad platform was claiming. This allowed BILLY to move their ad dollars to different channels. LayerFive’s omni-channel performance view helped BILLY understand true performance on Google and FB allowing to find the right channel ad spend mix, while ensure additional ad dollars bring incremental traffic and sales.
  • Doubled Ad Attributed Sales: In 90 days, BILLY’s online ad attributed sales doubled, while saving wasted ad dollars from non-performing  advertising.
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliant with no additional internal effort: LayerFive Interactive Privacy Portal is seamlessly integrated into BILLY’s e-commerce website, allowing any consumer with a profile to exercise their privacy rights at any time.  This eliminates significant overhead of complying with CCPA and GDPR regulations and allows BILLY to be completely transparent with their consumers about their data.

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