Webinar Sushil Goel, CEO of LayerFive, and Justin Then, Founder of Senshi Social

webinar sushil goel layerfive

Did you know most of the time ad platforms mislead you about performance?

In this webinar Sushil Goel, CEO of LayerFive and Justin Then, Founder of Senshi Social will discuss how advertising platform mislead you, and how to measure true ad performance in the post third-party cookie and post-IDFA world.

Key take aways:

  • Performance data from ad platforms e.g. Facebook and Google show overly optimistic numbers
  • With third-party cookies going away and iOS14 update limiting IDFA use, the impact on targeting, and marketing measurement and attribution is even more pronounced
  • Hear how an advertising expert in navigating these challenges and how relying on first-party data and taking ownership of measurement and attribution helped improve media mix and reduce wasted ad dollars.

Join us on September, 23rd at 10:00AM PDT/1:00 PM EDT

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