Cross-Device Identity Resolution

  • Innovative first-party data based AI-driven deterministic and probabilistic match technology
  • Resolve both known and anonymous consumer interactions
  • Validation of match rate accuracy built right in 
  • 2-10x ROI on marketing and advertising spend while improving consumer experience and business insights

Identity Management with Brand-Owned Identity Graph

  • Brand-owned identity graph with a universal consumer ID
  • Have a true 360 degree view of the customer rather than settling for one based on only 10-25% of your consumer interaction data
  • Analyze ad spend attribution and campaign performance more accurately
  • Improve marketing operations efficiency and speed of execution on new initiatives

Vendor Integrations

  • Platform approach – lego block approach to help build a brand’s marketing and customer experience stack with best of breed solutions 
  • Integrate other third-party data based identity solutions on top of LayerFive’s first-party data based solution
  • Assess True Incremental Value (TIV) of each identity solution provider with the LayerFive Platform

LayerFive Identity Resolution and Identity Management Platform


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