LayerFive Privacy Portal

  • Authenticated consumers get access to all their data as part of their profile and can exercise their privacy rights at any point
  • Out-of-box integration with Shopify and Magento that turns consumer profile into a privacy compliance portal
  • Integrate with all your business systems that store consumer data, and build a 360 degree view of the consumer

LayerFive Marketing Compliance

  • One of the key reasons data privacy regulations exist is due to invasive digital advertising. LayerFive Marketing Compliance ensures that consumers privacy choices are adhered across digital marketing and advertising campaigns. 
  • Resolve consumers’ online interactions in a privacy compliant way
  • Build and maintain suppression lists and improve marketing ROI while honoring consumer choice

LayerFive Marketing Acceleration

  • Get powerful consumer insights with a 360 degree view of the consumer
  • Analyze consumer journey across all channels; online and offline
  • Get insights on unauthenticated consumers’ interactions with powerful first-party based patent-pending cross-device identity resolution

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