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Improve compliance on digital channels and reduce wasted marketing dollars

Maximize the value of your consumer data

One of the key reasons data privacy regulations exist is due to invasive digital advertising. However today most company’s unsubscribe options for consumers only extends to opting out of receiving emails, calls and mailings. These unsubscribe request to not carry through the other forms of digital marketing.

If a consumer has opted out of receiving marketing from you and then your business is constantly popping with ads how do you think the consumer is feeling? How compliant with the privacy laws do you think you are? How many valuable marketing $ are you wasting showing ads to contacts that are unlikely to buy?

LayerFive Marketing Compliance ensures that consumers privacy choices are adhered across all forms of digital marketing and advertising campaigns. Using LayerFive’s Privacy & Marketing compliance portal will allow your consumers to set their own marketing preferences and opt out of some or all forms of marketing. Then using LayerFive’s integrations into your advertising platforms we can ensure that these consumers are suppressed from seeing your adverts.

This results in saved marketing $, increased ROI on marketing spend, as well as a better consumer experience.

Scattered Data causes Wasted
Marketing Dollars

Save Wasted Marketing Dollars Improve
consumer experience

Traditional unsubsribe solutions don’t provide a way to carry opt-out requests in
digital channels

With LayerFive Ad Compliance consumers preference are carried through to all
forms of marketing

LayerFive Privacy Portal + Marketing

Resolves all consumer data into a single view for consumer privacy data self service and Marketing/advertising preference compliance

  • Authenticated consumers get access to all their data as part of their profile and can exercise their privacy rights at any point
  • Out-of-box integration with Shopify and Magento that turns consumer profile into a privacy compliance portal
  • Integrate with all your business systems that store consumer data, and build a 360 degree view of the consumer

Case StudyBILLY Footwear

Doubled Sales in 3 Months, While Saving Wasted Ad Spend

BILLY Footwear is an online specialty shoe retailer using the Shopify platform. Besides direct online sales, Billy shoes are sold by Zappos, Nordstrom, and other affiliates

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  • BILLY Footwear is a consumer-first brand where data privacy is a high priority. LayerFive ensures we remain ahead of the game by keeping us compliant and, more importantly, completely transparent with our consumers. Moreover, the 360 Marketing Insights of LayerFive allows us to correctly understand channel performance; thus, giving us the tools to strategize, optimize, and improve sales real time.

    Billy Price Founder and CEO of BILLY Footwear

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