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Get consumer 360 insight with independent ad spend performance

Maximize the value of your consumer data

LayerFive’s Marketing acceleration & attribution platform is designed to give your digital marketing organization a consolidated view of the buyer’s journey across all channels both online and offline, allowing you to build a more complete 360o view of the customer experience.

These powerful insights will help you understand what points are pivotal in the buyer’s journey and which are not. Additionally as the LayerFive platform consolidates all the ad data, click and purchases back into one place our Patent Pending AI solution, combined with your customisable allocation metrics, can accurately show which campaign(s) the revenue dollars should be attributed based on the influence the campaign had on the buyer’s journey, rather than each of the ad platforms claiming they made the sale.

Currently because all the ad platforms that displayed an ad claim revenue attribution, this results in significant duplication of revenue attribution and inflated ROI’s on Ad campaigns. Our solution gives you a real-time independent view of what is working and what is not, helping you to make better informed decisions on where to spend your marketing $.

Consolidated Advertising Revenue Attribution with Independent Performance View

Currently companies are relying on the ad platforms to attribute revenue. This is
flawed from the start but their has been no way to check attributions

With LayerFive you can ensure accurate revenue attribution and remove duplication
and false revenue attribution

LayerFive Privacy Portal + Marketing Compliance + Marketing 360°

Resolves all consumer data into a single view for consumer privacy data self service,  Marketing/advertising preference compliance & marketing/advertising optimization

  • Get powerful consumer insights with a 360 degree view of the consumer
  • Analyze consumer journey across all channels; online and offline
  • Get insights on unauthenticated consumers’ interactions with powerful first-party based patent-pending cross-device identity resolution
  • Get independent validation of ROI’s on ad spends across all of your advertising platforms in one place.

Case StudyBILLY Footwear

Significant value delivered to BILLY Footwear

BILLY Footwear is an online specialty shoe retailer using the Shopify platform. Besides direct online sales, Billy shoes are sold by Zappos, Nordstrom, and other affiliates

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  • BILLY Footwear is a consumer-first brand where data privacy is a high priority. LayerFive ensures we remain ahead of the game by keeping us compliant and, more importantly, completely transparent with our consumers. Moreover, the 360 Marketing Insights of LayerFive allows us to correctly understand channel performance; thus, giving us the tools to strategize, optimize, and improve sales real time.

    Billy Price Founder and CEO of BILLY Footwear

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