LayerFive Compliance 360 Platform

Unified consumer profile, self-serve compliance and improved marketing ROI

LayerFive Compliance 360 Platform

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LayerFive Compliance 360 Platform

LayerFive Compliance 360 platform includes:

  • A comprehensive first-party data based private consumer identity graph that resolves known and anonymous consumer interactions
  • A unified consumer profile for both privacy and marketing purpose
  • An interactive self-serve privacy portal that eliminates the need to tackle complex privacy compliance related workflows and enhances consumer experience
  • A marketing compliance manager that ensures that your consumers privacy preferences are followed across the digital touchpoints while saving wasted ad dollars
  • A 360 Marketing Insights system that provides deep insights into consumer journey and a neutral view of the cross-channel ad performance, improving marketing ROI

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Case StudyBILLY Footwear

Doubled Sales in 3 Months, While Saving Wasted Ad Spend

BILLY Footwear is an online specialty shoe retailer using the Shopify platform. Besides direct online sales, Billy shoes are sold by Zappos, Nordstrom, and other affiliates

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  • BILLY Footwear is a consumer-first brand where data privacy is a high priority. LayerFive ensures we remain ahead of the game by keeping us compliant and, more importantly, completely transparent with our consumers. Moreover, the 360 Marketing Insights of LayerFive allows us to correctly understand channel performance; thus, giving us the tools to strategize, optimize, and improve sales real time.

    Billy Price Founder and CEO of BILLY Footwear

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