Company Overview

Company Overview

One of the key reasons why data privacy regulations came into existence is the invasive digital advertising where consumers don’t have control. Responsible brands want to ensure that they honor their consumers’ choice, but the digital advertising ecosystem is so fragmented that it’s very hard to know the consumer at the point of the interaction.

Moreover, understanding the true consumer in digital marketing and advertising and attributing dollars spent to the right channel remains unsolved even with billions spent.
At LayerFive, our goal is to not only help brands reduce the cost of complying data privacy regulations, but maximize the value of their consumer data by leveraging this data to optimize their marketing.

We see the inefficiencies in both the marketing as well as in the data privacy compliance (GDPR/CCPA) world, with our solution we are committed to improving return of your marketing spend and saving cost on privacy compliance.

Founders / Leadership team

Sushil Goel Founder/CEO

MarTech and AdTech industry veteran.

Leadership positions in multiple enterprise SaaS startups + Big4 consulting experience (9yrs)

Tech background in product development, and professional servives


Andy Rutherford Chief Revenue Officer

Expert in sales & marketing for the High Tech space

Andy has almost 20 years experience helping IT companies grow their revenues faster and more efficiently.


Sanjay Basu Chief Client Evangelist at Tata Consultancy Services

E-commerce & Digital Marketing Exec


Hon Wong EIR at Tech Futures Group

As a founder, executive, angel investor, and active board member of technology start-ups, Hon has led multiple start-ups through their entire life-cycle from conception and growth to exits through IPOs and M&As.



Javier Llobet Enterprise Sales Executive


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