With a number of years spent in MarTech, AdTech and Marketing Data and Analytics, the LayerFive team has experienced first-hand the issues of trust related to third-party data. Moreover, while consumer interactions are never linear or single-device, most of the marketing spend and consumer experience performance measurements and decisions are made using last-click attribution or just connecting consumer interaction data from one or two channels.  

With consumer privacy taking centerstage with the implementation of GDPR and CCPA as well as popular browsers making several changes to ensure consumer privacy, we know that marketers, customer experience professionals, and executives can’t afford to be fully dependent on third-party data based technologies.

With LayerFive, our goal is that we can help brands offer a great consumer experience, and run the most effective marketing campaigns by understanding their consumers across all their interactions.

This is what has gotten us started, and this is what keeps us going every day.

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