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Webinar Sushil Goel, CEO of LayerFive, and Justin Then, Founder of Senshi Social

Did you know most of the time ad platforms mislead you about performance? In this webinar Sushil Goel, CEO of…


Aqilliz Partners with Consumer Data and Privacy Management Platform LayerFive

While getting a handle on first-party data needs to be the top priority of every brand, we anticipate that 2nd…

How to Create a Single View of Your Customer

Have you ever watched celebrities on the red carpet? Several 360-degree cameras capture them from all angles—this helps the journalists…

Ad Performance Cookieless World

Ad Performance in the Cookieless World: The Incremental Micro Factors

This is the 4th and the last one in this series on managing “Ad Performance in the Cookieless World”. You can…

LayerFive platform

Bringing in New Visitors: Not all paid clicks are created equal

This is the 3rd blog in the series on “Managing Ad Performance in the Cookieless World”. You can find the…

LayerFive Advertising Analytics

Your Advertising Analytics Could be Misleading You

This the second in the series of “Ad Performance in the Cookieless World: Soar or Crash”. Here I explore how…


Ad Performance in the Cookieless World: Soar or Crash

Brands spend a lot of money on advertising and they have their own ways of measuring return on ad spend….


Digital marketing compliance in the context of GDPR/CCPA

One of the biggest reasons consumer data privacy regulations exist today is the exponential increase in the amount of consumer…

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